Karl Marx And The Communist Manifesto Essay

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In the year 1846, Karl Marx set up a Communist Correspondence Committee (“Karl Marx”, 2003; “Karl Marx”, 2016). This committee was supposed to help connect the leaders that were socialist in Europe. The organization had decided that they were aiming to overthrow the bourgeoisie and create a new society that had no classes and no private property (“Karl Marx”, 1998). After the first meeting, Karl Marx decided to finish The Communist Manifesto. The Communist Manifesto is based on the book written by Friedrich Engels called the Principles of Communism (Spalding, 2000). The book, The Communist Manifesto, was published in the month of February during the year of 1848 (“Karl Marx”, 2003; Spalding, 2000). The next month Karl Marx was then banned from Belgium and so he then moved to Cologne (“Karl Marx”, 2003). Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx founded a news paper called the New Rhenish Gazette, in order to help encourage a revolution and to publish any revolutionary activity (“Karl Marx”, 1998). The New Rhenish Gazette was publishing accounts of of any revolutionary activity in Europe. Karl Marx was banned once again, but only this time it was from Cologne. Karl Marx thought that a political and social revolution was about to occur in Paris, so he went there next. However, Karl Marx was escorted out by police less than a month later. He now went to the only other country that would accept him, England (“Karl Marx”, 2008). Prussia was trying to convince England that Karl Marx should…

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