Karl Marx And Marxism On Modern Thought And Society Essay

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As time passes, people come and go. Although the majority are forgotten, a handful of luminaries live on through remembrance of what they did while on Earth. Karl Marx is one of these people that have had enormous impact on the way we live today. As a revolutionary, Karl Marx, whose works and ideas were influenced by an increasingly capitalist society, has left a great impact on modern thought and society.
To understand the ideas of Karl Marx, one must understand marxism and capitalism. Marxism can be defined as the belief that society 's classes are the cause for struggle and a result of capitalism; that if capitalism and social classes were destroyed, everyone would be happier. Although it as political and economic motives, many refer to Marxism as a living philosophy. Marxists believe that capitalism, an economic and political system that is controlled by the private sector for personal profit rather than by the state, can only successfully operate under the conditions that the lower class is taken advantage of by the upper class. It is this separation of classes that Marxists believe inherently create conflict. The goal of the socialist movement is to destroy capitalism, which would extract power from the wealthy and eventually free the working class of the reign of the wealthy ruling class (Trueman).
A large influence on Marx’s philosophy can be traced to the area in which he lived and worked. Karl Marx was born in the city of Trier, Germany in 1818, a time…

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