Essay about Karl Marx And Marxism Of Communism

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Born on May 5, 1818, Karl Marx was and is one of history 's most important thinkers, as well as one of the most loved and reviled political game-changers (4). Coming from a long line of religiously Jewish men, including 3 rabbis from his paternal line, he broke away from religion altogether after his father was forced into Lutheranism in order to keep his job as a lawyer under Prussian laws. The persecution that Jews were subjected to in his home town of Trier influenced his idea that religion was “opium for the people”, giving the working class (or as he referred to them, the proletariat) false hope of attaining equity with the ruling class, an idea which became a pillar of his famous interpretation of communism, which has been called Marxism. Marxism is not, in fact, the first occurrence of communism, nor is it the first occurrence of communism in a written format; There are mentions of societies that could be called communistic going all the way back to Plato 's Republic (1). Marxism, is, however, the most well known and most practiced form of communism which has been the foundation for many large nations. Created by Karl Marx and his life-long friend and collaborator Friedrich Engels, Marxism is a branch of communism which rejects the tenets of capitalism by a historical method, pointing out the flaws of economic strategies adopted before capitalism and why they were replaced with capitalism, before showing capitalism 's flaws, including a discriminated against working…

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