Karl Marx : An Influential Philosopher Essay

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Karl Marx was a German Sociologist, who had to flee his home to France and spent most of his life in exile. However Marx was able to overcome these obstacles which resulted in becoming one of the most influential thinkers of the twenty century. Marx was born on May 5, 1818 to Heinrich Marx and Henrietta Pressburg in Trier, Prussia (present-day Germany). At age 17, Marx enrolled in Bonn University Germany, where he studied law. During his first year Marx became engaged to Jenny Von Westphalen, which lead to marriage shortly after.
In 1836, Marx followed his passion in philosophy and literature where he enrolled at the University of Berlin; and joined a group of brilliant and extreme thinking individuals who were challenging existing institutions and ideas. In 1841, Marx graduated with his doctoral degree, and became a journalist to support himself. He became the editor of the Liberal Cologne newspaper called Rheinische Zeitung however the Berlin government prohibited it for publications and suppressing one of his papers causing him to flee to France. Despite having to flee, Marx had met Friedrich Engels in Paris where they formed a strong friendship which resulted in attending secret meetings in London together, about illegal coalition of labour unions known as the Communist League. In 1848 Marx and Engels created a platform called The Communist Manifesto, which they argued the people that only had physical labour to offer should unite to over through the owners of…

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