Karen Horney : The Only True Thing After All Essay

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Karen Horney was a German psychoanalyst born on September 16, 1885, in Blankenese, Germany. Her birth name was Karen Danielsen. She was the second child out of four in her family, and was spoiled by her father with gifts and exciting trips. She felt as if her father was too strict and favored her older step-brother. When she was nine she had fell in love with her step-brother, when she let him know how she felt for him he rejected her and for this she fell into deep depression. Due to this rejection she felt as if nobody would ever love her because she was ugly and became very out of control a disobedient towards her parents. She decided that doing good in school was the best thing for her life. She once said, "school is the only true thing after all” (Horney, 2015). In 1910, she had the first of her three daughters. Just as her father’s parenting skills, her husband disciplined their children harshly, which she felt was the best way for them to grow and be responsible adults as she had become. When her stepmother, died in 1911 it brought more troubles in her life, so she decided to explore psychoanalysis. In 1915, she followed Freudian analysis with Karl Abraham. She began to see and analyze patients 1919 and worked at the Berlin Psychoanalytic Clinic and Institute until 1932. During this year she joined Chicago Institute for Psychoanalysis, and published papers in the 1920s which described the topic of orthodox Freudians (Horney, 2015). She became very depressed and had…

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