Karen Horney's Theory

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Hook- Karen Danielsen Horney’s work added great discoveries to social psychology, opposing to the greatest psychologist of her time, Sigmund Freud.
Background Info:
Born on September 16, 1885 , in Blankenese, Germany
Family: Berndt Wackels Danielsen(Sr)-father; Clotilde, Née Van Ronzelen-mother; Berndt Danielsen (Jr)-brother
Wasn’t close to her family, and became depressed as a child
Married to Oscar Horney from 1917 to 1937
Received her medical degree in 1911
Died on December 4, 1952 in New York City

Thesis- Karen Danielsen Horney was a great woman of her time because she was one of the first women in history to study psychoanalysis and developed theses that challenged Sigmund Freud’s theses. Sigmund Freud was the father of psychoanalysis,
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Summary of Reasons- Karen Honey was one of the first women to study psychology, developed theories that contradicted Freud’s theories, and she is the founder of feminine psychology and Neo-Freudianism.
Summary of Concessions- Her theories differed from Freud’s theories, but many of her theories are still used by modern psychology. For this reason Karen Horney earned the title of the founder of feminine psychology and Neo-Freudianism. Similar
Thesis- Horney’s work was a great contribution to psychology in a time when very few women went to college, and her theses challenged many of Sigmund Freud’s work.
Personal reflection- Before I had started on this project I already had an interest in psychology and knew I wanted to go into it when I became old enough to go to college. This is most of the reason I had chose Karen Horney for my historical figure project. Since doing research on Horney and learning about most the different types of mental conditions there were, I have found it fascinating and it has grown my interest in psychology and science overall. I will thank this project for my passion and will always think back to it in my later

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