Kanye West Role Model

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Kanye West is definitely a role model for me. Sure West might seem like an egotistical prick to the general population, but he is much more than that. Kanye West is a creative genius, and has a work ethic unparalleled in the genre he makes music for. He has won 21 grammys and that should somewhat display the work ethic and talent that he has. His lyrics are not the reason he has reached the top level of Hip-Hop. He started off as a producer for Def Jam entertainment, and production would ultimately be the reason for his stardom. His albums have changed Hip-Hop, allowed R&B into a genre that was strictly single voice rhyming throughout songs. His first three studio albums were in a traditional rap setting, until he created 808s and Heartbreak and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. …show more content…
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy goes deep into the demons that Kanye has, including an eight minute song called Runaway, which many believe to be an apology to the altercation he had with Taylor Swift at the VMAs. Runaway was accompanied by a 35 minute long video intricately made to express how to control his creative self and how others react to it. In addition to this song, Power is also a powerful song on the album. West says that he spent over 10,000 hours writing and producing these two songs, which to me is absolutely incredible. To spend that much time and effort to make something as real and perfect as he did really stands out to me in terms of his work ethic. Kanye West might not be a role model in the typical sense to most people, but other reasons are exactly why I find him to be my role model. To have a work ethic to be the absolute best, and to creatively strive to push the boundaries of his profession is why Kanye West is my role

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