Kant's Categorical Imperative Case

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Register to read the introduction… Hooper had no experience and knowledge of the products or the industry. He knew that Yoder was a business man who had more experience in the dairy products. He approached Yoder to talk about the business opportunities and got into an agreement to work together as partners without a formal written partnership agreement. He then discussed about incorporating the business into a corporation. Once the business was established, Hooper’s lust for power, his ego, his greed, and his selfishness came to a head. Despite the fact that Yoder worked so hard to market, develop, and advertise the dairy products, not to mention the time, money, knowledge, and efforts he devoted to make the business grow, Hooper still colluded with Bradley to eliminate Yoder. Additionally, Hooper’s actions and decisions could be determined unethical under Kant’s theory because Yoder was not treated fairly by Hooper while Yoder had the right to have anything Hooper had since they agreed to share everything equally. According to Kant’s principle of the categorical imperative means, particularly the reversibility, Hooper should have asked himself if he …show more content…
Yoder could have given Hooper a second chance since Hooper might have made mistakes due to his greed and ego; he might not have known the consequences of his unethical behavior. On the other hand, Hooper could have realized how serious his breaches were and stopped over using his power to mitigate the problems.
In conclusion, the salient ethical issue of the case was Hooper’s unethical behavior in business. Both parties should have elected someone else to the board of directors, to manage the corporation in the best interest of the corporation rather than self-interest. In addition, after both Hooper and Yoder paid the capital contribution to Beautiful Daydreams as shareholders, they would not have any financial liability (Mallor, et all, 2010), Hooper might not have had such pressure to act unethically and mislead the

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