Kantianism Case Study

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Do I have to tell my family I’m no longer religious?
The purpose of this question is that the religious strength of this woman’s family is truly strong in the belief of Christianity and she was raised in such a house they would automatically assume that she would teach her kids to be in the same light as themselves and raise them to become Christian. Due to the way she was raised and how she wasn’t spiritually intoned as much as her family members she drifted away from that religious style and became a lesser strength of Christian. With that being her mindset she teaches her children all religions and tells them it doesn’t matter what you choose as long as they’re good people in the end by being good, compassionate, and humble. With this in
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I chose this ethical theory because of the sheer value that he believes that moral value only if they 're done within good will or good intentions. With this she could make it easier for herself to tell her family the truth because if she told the truth it would be for not only herself and her children but for the sake of duty itself because she would be motivated by the respect of her family and the sake of duty. In this scenario it would be completely wrong for her to lie because she would be breaking Kant 's perfect duties but with this she could always go by saying that she could be using Kant 's imperfect duties by saying that it is to help others in need. In this need it would be herself and her family because of the fact that she doesn 't want to harm their feelings and cause a rift between her family and herself and by doing this imperfect duties rules it would save her family from knowing something that would cause future problems.
In this case myself personally as an ethical student I would just come out and tell them that you don 't have the same belief as they did and actually never had it even when you had to withstand it. It 'll be a hard yet understanding discussion because of the fact that you 're breaking something that they would consider a family activity or something of the like but it is how you
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What you taught the children is that you don 't need religion in life because it is a choice and doesn 't matter as long as you stay kind and be a wonderful person to those in your life. In the end they shouldn 't be mad because the purpose of religion is to give a helping hand to guide those who 're lost, to bring people together for a common goal, or to show how the people who positive and righteous that people like that will always be happy and will live a good life regardless of how they stand in someone else 's

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