Kant 's Thoughts On College Students Face The Challenge Of Learning

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Kant’s thoughts do apply today because we as college students face the challenge of learning to think for ourselves despite the self-imposed obstacles and the authorities that compel us to remain ignorant or self-assured in one way of thinking. Also, as students with the opportunity to learn and enlighten ourselves, we must promote a society where the freedom to rationalize and learn is protected and available.
Many self-imposed distractions threaten our learning at college as well other outside influences compel us to remain self-assured in our own comfort zones of beliefs. The reason to come to college is to reach a higher level of understanding in this world, but many things can get in the way of this learning. Kant writes that "laziness and cowardice" are they main reasons why many of mankind "remain under life long tutelage" (Kant 3). As college students it is easy to fall into these traps and forget what we came here to do. We must not absent mindedly come to class and turn in assignments for the grade. On the contrary we should yearn to learn from these classes and commit ourselves fully to our education in order to battle this self-imposed laziness. In this learning, we must look to challenge ourselves to open our minds to new things in order to rationalize for ourselves despite outside influences who look to control us otherwise. Kant explains how “guardians… assume superintendence” over the general population and support “tutelage” by thinking for the general…

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