Kant 's Moral Theory Essay

1381 Words Dec 10th, 2016 6 Pages
This class, Ethics, has shown me many different moral theories that has opened my eyes in many ways; however, I will make a case that shows Kant provides us with the superior moral theory. There could be numerous ways to prove that Kant provides us with this, but I will explain the three reasons why I believe it. First of all, the categorical imperative—Universal Law—gives straightforward rules that everyone can apply and use in their daily lives. Secondly, the other categorical imperative—The Formula of Humanity—aspires to everyone being treated equally and correctly. Lastly, Kant’s moral theory is based on the intention of the action, not the consequences that arise from it. Therefore, no matter what they are doing, it is for the right reasons and to not get something out of it. A strong objection would be there is no flexibility in certain situations. For example, lying. If everyone thought lying was acceptable sometimes, they may use that to their advantage in situations they should not. Even though Kant’s moral theory may have a downfall, it has many great positive factors that leads it to superiority. The Universal Law provides a system that sets very straightforward rules of what is right or wrong that everyone can follow. This is done by taking a maxim and then applying it to everyone. When universalizing it, it allows you to see the flaws that do or do not reside in the maxim. For example, “Do whatever you can to get in front of the line,” cannot be universalized…

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