Kant And Mill Vs. Kant Essay

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Mill and Kant
Kant and Mill are two philosophers with differing ethical theories. The crux of the disagreement between these two philosophers is that they both disagree on the methods by which we should derive moral rules and guidelines. Specifically, which guidelines we should use in deciding what is ethical, and which justifications we should use for the evaluating moral value of actions? Kant’s deontological theory attempts to answer these questions through a sound reason based approach. The strength in Kant’s theory is that it rests on a foundation of consistent obligatory universal rules, with an emphasis on the intentions of the agent. While Mill tackles the issue from the standpoint of utilitarianism. With a formulation that aims to maximize happiness amongst the greatest number of people, and an emphasis on the consequences of an action. While both theories have their strengths and their flaws, I believe that Mills theory of moral Utilitarianism is ultimately superior to Kant’s deontological theory of morality, because it takes into account the consequences and outcomes of an action.
Kant’s recommendation in the rescue 1 scenario would be to that we should attempt to save the single person who is in need of help from the other disaster, as well as the five stranded by the storm. This recommendation would be based on both of Kant’s formulations on categorical imperatives. In his first formulation of categorical imperative Kant states, “act only according to that…

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