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United States in 1950
The year, 1850 is a very significant era in the history of United States being the pre civil war era. The north was undergoing huge developments and progress and people were immigrating to big cities. The southern region is a total contrary example, with a total of 3.2 million black slaves. The region was not developing due to total dependence and cotton production, rather than, industrialization. The era presents two entirely different regions in the same region leading to the civil war in the end. Contrary to north, southern region had feudal society and prevalence of slavery. There were extremely rich, each with enslaved people. The
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It also studies their behavior towards the Kansas-Nebraska act of 1954. It studies the confrontations in Kansan, and after effects on the United States. The paper looks into the response of Kansas locals about the act, as well as, effect of their response. It analyses the distance between north and south. It discusses the inter relationship between people, ideas and the consequent events pertaining to them. It describes the violent behavior of people towards the act, along with its reasons. The paper closes with discussing the contribution of David Atchison, Sara Robinson, John Brown and Abraham Lincoln.
Kansas in 1850s, and its effects on the United States
The Kansas of 1850s made a historic change in the history of United States. The huge cultivable farmland made government to reconsider shifting and immigration of Native Americans to the Kansas state (Whitney, P. 20-37). The reactions of local emerged as confrontations of proslavery units, as well as, the prevailing anti slavery units. The reactions led to regional conflicts and the border war. The bleeding war of Kansas emerged as accumulation of local reaction and their opposition by enslaved groups (Rawley, p. 135-170).
The bleeding Kansas and the Kansas-Nebraska act led United States to the civil war at its border. The Vital role was played by implementation of Kansas-Nebraska act which enforced the separation of Kansas and Nebraska, with

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