Kaiser Wilhelm II, The Emperor Of Germany Essay example

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Kaiser Wilhelm II, the emperor of Germany (1888-1918), significantly impacted not only the governance of his country, Germany, but ultimately influenced the rising tensions between rival nations on an international level. Kaiser’s authoritarian upbringing caused dysfunctional relationships within his family and his British monarchy. This led to his hatred toward Britain. His erratic nature may not personally have decided that Germany should go to war, however he had put into place the structures which fostered a culture of militarism and hence an aggressive foreign policy for the outbreak of war, particularly in ousting Bismarck. Wilhelm’s bellicose and expansionistic motives to achieve a ‘place in the sun’, overthrew Bismarck’s realpolitik methods. His increasing desire for imperial possessions and ‘world policy’, greatly contributed to his superficial support on rising tensions between great powers and too, initiation of WW1.

Upon Wilhelm’s birth, his British grandmother, Queen Victoria, sent one of her doctors to deliver her grandson. The dramatic birth caused great nerve damage and Wilhelm suffered the consequences of a paralysed arm for the rest of his life. His disability limited his childhood as he was constantly enduring futile treatments to improve not only his posture, but his poor physiological state. Wilhelm’s dysfunctional relationship with his British mother was the result of his tormented childhood and ongoing bitterness not only toward her, but her nation.…

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