Kahlo Is A Mexican Painter Essay example

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Frida Kahlo is a Mexican painter who is highly recognized for her art work as well as her feminist ideology. At a young age, Kahlo contracted polio which caused severe damage to her right leg; therefore, she limped when she walked. Her walking disability did not interfere with her life. She attended to school where she met Diego Rivera; however, during that time Kahlo was romantically involved with Alejandro Gomez. Kahlo and Gomez suffered from a major accident on which Kahlo suffered from multiple physical injuries that led to emotional injuries. Due to the fractures to her spine and pelvis area, she was unable to continue with her daily routine, instead, she isolated herself until she started painting. Due to her immobilization and bed rest, she requested for a mirror to be placed on the ceiling of her bed. She utilized the mirror on her bed to self-portrait her image, her emotions, her impatience, and her desire to continue with her life. Sadly, Kahlo discovered her painting passion after she suffered from that accident. but her expressions without Mexican artist who married Diego Rivera who was known for his murals and his infidelity with other women while he was married to Frida. She is known for her art that included self- portraits, and her unique art work that was fill with passion, pain and suffering. Kahlo, discovered her passion in art through a bus accident she suffered when she was a teenager which made her stay isolated from others due to the multiple…

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