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E108 – Working with Young People | Lisa MarshallTMA01 | C6450235 | October 2013 |


Part 1: Exploring an audiovisual case study 3 Part 2: Reflecting on Learning 6 Bibliography 7

Part 1: Exploring an audiovisual case study a) What are Scott and Jean trying to achieve with the icebreakers?
Scott and Jean’s Icebreaker activities serve several different purposes, the first of which being to encourage the group to come together as a whole and get to know one another. The initial activity did a fabulous job of encouraging the youngsters to introduce themselves to their peers in a fun and non intimidating way. It ‘broke the ice’ (LGBT Youth Scotland clips 2-6). If the introductions had been done with a greater amount
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Hi guys, my name’s Lisa and I’m married with a 15 year old son. At present I work full time as an English intervention teaching assistant in a secondary school but my ambition is to work with young people in a more pastoral role such as a Family Support Worker. Not because I don’t like my job because I do and I have developed really sound relationships with the students I work with but I prefer the pastoral side of my role and I feel more like a teacher at the moment. My goal is to complete a degree in Childhood and Youth Studies, hopefully within three years if I can cope with the workload, but I’m not tying myself to that until I see how it goes. If I’m totally honest I’m really nervous about studying but it’s something I’ve dreamed of doing for years but never really considered it possible because of work and family commitments. I guess suddenly losing both my parents in the last few years, and both at a youthful age, made me stop and take stock of where my life was going. I figured life is too short and if I don’t do this now then I probably never will. My only regret is that they won’t be here to see me do it. Anyway that’s how I came to be here and hopefully now I am here I’ll be able to see it through until the end when I graduate with my degree. d) How could you use what you have just watched, and your own experience of being new to a group( which might

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