Essay on K : 8 Global Education Outreach

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K – 8 Global Education Outreach
In the last fifty years, technology has had a profound effect on society in many different aspects of daily life. One area where these effects are significant is in the field of education. While these technological benefits are widely available in developed countries, many developing countries do not have access to such resources. By developing a cloud based educational tool marketed to developed countries, K – 8 Global Education Outreach (K8GEO) can then use those resources to provide free educational tools to needy developing countries. To demonstrate how K8GEO will accomplish this goal, this paper will analyze the appeal and effect of this venture on different cultures, ethical issues and risks such a venture will encounter, the risks and challenges faced, and the benefits that this venture can bring to developed and developing countries.
K – 8 Global Education Outreach Overview and Mission Statement
There are no shortage of educational initiatives today throughout the world. Every level of society from the community and city level, to national and global institutions have programs designed to improve educational systems and increase the effectiveness of the educational programs they provide. The goal is to ensure that all learners have access to the tools they need to attain a proper education which will provide them with greater opportunities in their lives. K8GEO shares this goal and the desire of this online venture focuses on…

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