Jzmyn: My Life Of A Mother's Life

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No resolution, no college, no marriage, no support system, and little to no hope clouded my mother’s mind. On June 25th ,1998 in New Haven Connecticut on agreement my name was to be Briana, but instead, I was named Jazmyn. My name meaning strong-willed flower replaced my mother’s negativity with aspiration. I was the outcome of my mother Regina and father Wayne’s temporary love. Second oldest on my mom’s side with a younger brother Brian and older sister Briona and the oldest on my father’s side with my sister Isis and brother Xzavier.

Though my parent’s relationship didn’t last, the love they had for me allowed them to overcome and look past their differences for my sake. I remember my mother holding me crying because we had no place
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I not only got involved but I became a part of a family I would never forget. I became a part of the Center For the Arts as a Musical theater student and from there I was in clubs galore. I joined the recycling club, Step Team, Cheerleading team, Classy, Dance Team, Spirit Club, Sophisticated Ladies, National Honor Society, Beta Club, and Softball team while withholding the title as captain for 2 years. My involvement with clubs also led to major awards such as an invitation to the national congress of Future Physicians in Boston for leadership skills displayed at Henrico High School. National academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists award of excellence, Beta club President and recognition by the National Society of high school scholars for academic achievement and leadership …show more content…
My philosophy is that your attitude,your actions, your results, create your life. If you go throughout life thinking positive and implementing positive actions then good will be brought upon you whereas if you think negatively bad will be your outcome. I had faith in Karma. For this reason, I aspire to become a provider for my family by going into the medical field. Pursuing nursing will help me achieve my goal of giving back to the community and helping others in any way that I can. I want to become a role model for others that feel as though they may or may not be able to do more with their high school diploma and prove that education is power. I will be known as the Grown Black Women that

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