Juxtaposition In Night Women

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Haiti is a place where Edwidge Danticat’s heart lays in. It is where the saying Krik? Krak! came from.” Krik? Krak!” is the title of Danticat's book and she uses the saying in one of her stories. When someone says Krik? another person says Krak! and tells a story. People are able to connect to with each other and bond in a way. Edwidge uses juxtaposition in her book Krik? Krak! The juxtaposition is when you compare two things that are the very opposite. In the series of short stories, Edwidge Danticat utilizes juxtaposition to create complex characters that in return create the overall mood of vulnerability throughout the book. In the middle of the book,“Night Women” a short story, with a complex character, that is a struggling mother, who is doing what is best for her son. The problem is that she is a prostitute. She is having affairs with these men right where her son lays his head. “My sons bed stays nestled against the corner, far from my peeking jalousies” (Danticat 83). Considering this mother cannot get a real job, sleeping with men are her only options left to support her son. In the story the reader also knows that she does not like her job. “The night is the time I dread most in my life. Yet if I am to live, I must depend on it” (Danticat 83). Night Women’s intentions are to be a …show more content…
Krak!, is the sixth story called "The Missing Peace", the story contains a teenage girl named Lamort as the main character. Lamort is fourteen years old, and has gone through many complex situations in her life. In creole her name means "death", she lives with a controlling grandmother, and has no mother to love her. "If she is old for you, then doesn't it matter if you get old? You can't say that. You can't just say what she wants for you to say"(Danticat 121), this quote represents how Lamort grandmother is controlling of her and how she doesn't have her own voice. This is a vulnerable situation, and it also sets the mood of the

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