Juveniles Charged As Adults With The States Of Arizona And California

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Juveniles Charged as Adults in California and Arizona
Giovanni Jiménez
Northern Arizona University Abstract
This paper will examine factors that lead juveniles to be charged as adults in the states of Arizona and California. Why do juvenile cases get transferred to adult criminal courts? The seriousness of crime, juvenile criminal record, and age can lead to a “waiver”. This paper will examine who decides to transfer the case to criminal jurisdiction and charged juveniles as adults. The waiver process waives all of the protection that juvenile courts provide for a minor. This paper will also examine if being a minority has an effect in a juvenile to be charged as adults and transferred to an adult court. Do minorities such as Hispanic and African Americans have a higher percentage probability to be transferred to adult courts than whites? The results of this research can help to determine what factors affect more juveniles to be charged as adults in Arizona and California. Outline
1. Introduction
a. History
2. Waiver process
a. Waiver definition
b. Protection of juveniles waived
c. Transferred to adult courts
3. Types of waivers
a. Judicial waiver
b. Prosecutorial waiver
c. Statutory/ legislative waivers
d. Automatic waivers
4. Decisions to make a waiver
a. Judge
b. Prosecutor
c. Direct file
5. Juveniles cases eligible for waivers
a. Minors age
b. Seriousness of the offense
c. Minors age

6. Arizona vs California
a. Sex of juvenile offender
b. Age of…

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