Essay on Juvenile Should Be A Life Sentence

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When asking myself when a juvenile should receive a life sentence, there are many follow up questions that come to mind. What is a juvenile? A juvenile is anyone who has not yet reached the age of eighteen, a young person. The subject of disciplining juveniles is a hard one for many people to agree on. When discussing young people, the reactions are split; some people think that young people under eighteen basically have no responsibility for what they do because they don’t know right and wrong yet. Others think that after a certain age it is nearly impossible to deny any sort of responsibility, as for they are entirely aware of their actions after they have reached a certain level of maturity. At what age does a child become aware and responsible for their actions? I would have to say this happens around the age of twelve. I say twelve because I think preteens begin to show a sense of responsibility and a general understanding of good and bad. I think that once a person reaches their teenage years they should be held accountable for the things they do. There also comes a point when parenting can no longer be used as a legitimate excuse as for why a juvenile would commit a crime, but when? I think that all goes back to when a person becomes aware of right and wrong. I believe that children can grow up learning the wrong behaviors from their parents, but I think a general understanding of what someone can and cannot do is common knowledge.
A life sentence is a very serious…

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