Juvenile Probation And Juvenile Justice System Essay

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Juvenile probation was originally started through John Augustus when he persuaded a judge in 1841 to release an offender to him for supervision in the community rather than to sentence him to prison (Lawrence et al, pg. 410). Juvenile probation is provided on the basis of having supervision and guidance through programs such educational and employment services and assistance in other areas as well. Juvenile probation has been the most predominantly used juvenile court disposition. There have been four components to achieve the goals that probation is seeking to accomplish those being; juveniles are technically under court supervisions with conditions and rules that they will need to comply with before they can be released, probation is also a non-punitive choice as an alternative to incarceration which focuses on treatment and reintegration of the juvenile offenders, probation is a subsystem to the juvenile justice system, and probation officers help the courts by supervising the juveniles and also helping and providing juveniles with beneficial services to the you, their families, and the community as well. Juveniles are given much trust by the court systems being allowed probation because the system is trusting in the fact that they will comply with the rules and follow them through and failure to see through with the specialized court orders can lead to harsher sanctions for the juveniles. Although probation may seem like a good alternative over incarceration for many…

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