Juvenile Offenders Should Be Tried As Adults Essay

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A hot topic that has been circulating in the United States is whether juvenile offenders should be punished and tried as adults. Juveniles were once tried as adults based on their age and seriousness of the crime. Juveniles were once called criminals until everything started to change. Juveniles and adults have their own and separate systems now. The high rates of poverty, neglect, and not enough parental control are some reasons why juveniles get into so much trouble. For many years now there has been a lot of people discussing if juvenile offenders should be tried as adults. There are people who think that juveniles are too young and should not be tried as adults, while others think that they should. Based on their age and severity of the crime Should help determine whether or not juvenile offenders should be tried as adults.
Over 200 years ago the juvenile delinquency system was established. In the year 1899, in Illinois, was the first court appeal of a juvenile case. During this time of year there was not much of a difference in the justice system of an adult and a child. Based on the age and the crime of the child they could be charged as an adult and even given the sentence of the death penalty. During the twentieth century things started to change. Minors were no longer called criminals , but are now classified as a delinquent child. This is when they began the process of getting separate courts between the adult and the juvenile courts. Many cities in America had…

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