Juvenile Offenders And Juvenile Trials Essay

1314 Words Mar 17th, 2016 null Page
When it comes to kids all parents want the best for them. But not everyone is perfect and no one can expect every kid to be. Kids that end up in juvenile detention have a past that either relates to how they were raised, the environment they live in, and who they hung out with. All of these types of backgrounds can lead to young people making the wrong decision in their lives. In juvenile detentions kids are not getting the right treatment to change both their character and their lifestyle. When it comes down to kids making bad decision they do have to face the consequences, but they do not receive the most fair sentences, the most fair requirements in juvenile cases, and the centers do not all have the same care for the kids. The main purpose for juvenile detentions should be to eliminate kids from a place where bad influence is around them and juvenile detention should be the opposite. In the cases of juvenile trials kids end up in juvenile detention for a variety of different crimes, the crimes also contain different level. In 2009, a 14-year-old boy shot and killed another teenager who was riding a bicycle down a suburban street. The boy told police he committed the crime on orders from a high-ranking gang member. A few months later, police in Chicago 's Brighton Park neighborhood arrested a 15-year-old for a murder that, while unrelated, was notably similar: He too said he shot another young person to prove his allegiance to his gang (eldeib 1). Both of theses cases…

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