Juvenile Offenders And Juvenile Delinquency Essay

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What are Juvenile Offenders? Juvenile offenders are youths under the age of eighteen who are accused of a crime or have committed a crime and they are processed through a Juvenile Justice System. I learned about Juvenile Offenders through a class assignment, the class was instructed to read a novel about Juvenile Offenders in a Juvenile Hall facility. This topic is very controversial and it can go either way; it’s very intriguing to see how and why Juvenile’s end up in the justice system.
Delinquency behavior is steered to a component of many things, those including: living in poverty, being abused or neglected, and even maltreated. (Chambliss p. 29) Those who don’t yearn for an education or have an outlook on life tend to distinguish this behavior. Even those who will be afflicted by mental health issues like: Depression, Anxiety, and many other Psychiatric personality disorders. In addition, delinquency behavior comes forth when youths affiliate with peers who are rebellious, engage in drug use, have no fascination in academics, or have dropped out of high school, and have no peer authority. (Chambliss p. 31-32) In fact, children’s parents who aren’t in their life, who aren’t supportive, or psychically and emotionally available, tend to have children who turn out to be juvenile delinquents. Because of the fact that children’s parents aren’t in their lives, children are easily impacted by the violence they see on television, social media, and advertisements. (Chambliss p.…

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