Juvenile Offenders And Adult Courts Essay example

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Waiving Juveniles to Adult Courts Waiver of juveniles to adult courts is a process used by prosecutors for youths that would benefit from the punishments received in adult correction systems. This mainly indicates incarceration in adult prisons. This process has become more common in today’s society due to the increase in juvenile violent crime rates. It has taken the courts decades to establish the criminal justice system and many believe in the reasons for the separation of juvenile and criminal courts. There have been Supreme Court decisions that have been implemented due to the concerns of what waivers can mean to juveniles. Reasons behind the increase in juvenile transfer, a couple case studies and the effects of transfers on juveniles will all be addressed in this review essay. In the article, “Juvenile Courts After 100 Years: Present and Past Orientations”, Trepanier discusses the fact that in the 19th century, juvenile crime was a problem throughout the country. In 1840, Britain had about 10,000 juveniles that were sent to prison, and by 1857 that increased by 2500 juveniles. Imprisonment was the primary reaction to the crimes occurring during that time period, but there was no separation between juvenile and criminal courts. After many attempts to separate the youth, institutes were designed all around the world, specifically to help reform youths rather than punish them. By 1860, “the institutions did not, however live up to their original principle and became…

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