Essay about Juvenile Justice System Of The Juvenile Court

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If it is inevitable that life sentences could be given to juvenile who has committed serious crimes, then our judges in the juvenile court should be prim, proper and unbiased in decisions such as this. However, there had been cases that cases in which juveniles, while sentenced for their crime, are being subjected to racial prejudice which took account to the sentences of judges of another race apart from the convicted juvenile. According to article, “Jena 6 case highlights injustice: Louisiana investigation found a juvenile justice system in trouble.” Hutchinson, the author, says that according to a survey, Blacks make up forty percent of youths tried in adult courts and nearly sixty percent of those sentenced to state prisons. This questions the integrity of the system. If serious sentences like life sentences, are being decided by racially prejudiced judges, how accurate can it be that juveniles who are convicted to life sentence without parole had come from a just and objective endeavor? Life sentence should not be taken lightly because, it is a decision where one’s fate rests. If such decision can be done with an unfair and bias objective, what is the assurance or the certainty that juveniles who has been convicted with life sentence without parole from committing serious crimes, has had their fates rightfully and justly decided? How can the system take account for those Black Americans who were exaggeratedly punished for the crimes they had committed in juvenile and in…

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