Juvenile Justice : Juveniles And Juveniles Essay

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Juvenile Justice What are juveniles some may ask? Well juveniles are a young person under the age of 18 at which ordinary prosecution is possible. A juvenile, a youngster, a teenager, are different from an adult. Hearing the word juvenile doesn’t consist of an adult. There are many teenagers who commit a crime at a young age. Some teenagers commit a crime for many reasons they have many things going on their mind they aren’t fully developed and they are immature. An adult on the other hand are fully developed are mature and have more responsibilities than children. There are many factors of whether or not a juvenile should be charged as an adult. There are many factors to consider from an adult to a child. Some may say a child is fully aware of what they are doing but a teenager goes through a lot during their child hood life, they aren’t fully developed and they are immature. Having a teenager at age 14 in prisons without parole is devastating .Knowing that the kid who committed a crime can change and become a better citizen is devastating because they can experience a new life but they are not going to be able to get that new life because they got life in prison. Being under age 18 doesn’t consider one an adult you are considered a juvenile so, why would one get charged as an adult when there not considered an adult. When I hear the word adult I think of a lot of responsibilities, being able to vote, being able to drink etc. Life in prison isn’t right for a juvenile.…

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