Juvenile Justice Court As A Suspect Of Raping A 23 Year Old Woman

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A juvenile has come to the juvenile justice court as a confirmed suspect of raping a 23-year-old woman. What decision will you end up making? Will you do justice for the juvenile and the victim? He beat her with an iron rod. He inserted it into her body till it went all the way up and yanked it out, and with it, her intestines. As she shouted for him to stop, he screamed at her, 'Saali, mar! (Die) '. Despite all this, the law calls him a juvenile. Her only fault was that she was a woman and that she was out at 9pm (2012 Delhi gang rape). Isn’t this absurd? He raped the dignity of someone who was supposed to be treated as a sister and yet he escaped with that. The law didn’t care about what happened to the victim, but focused on the fact that the accused was a “juvenile”. Why is the world such a mess? Why does the law only focus on the fact that the accused was a juvenile rather than the pain the victim had to endure and suffer? Put yourself in the shoes of the victim’s parents. How would’ve they felt? The daughter they’ve raised for 23 years, falling a prey to the uneducated and idiotic minds of her rapists. Who are juveniles? Are they mature enough? Why are they likely to reoffend? What about the victim and their family? I personally believe the severity of the crime is important. But crime is crime, no matter who commits it and juveniles who conduct heinous crimes should be punished more severely.

Juveniles are regarded to be people under the age of 16 and over the age…

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