Essay on Juvenile Delinquency

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In society many youths are not given many chances to show that they are heading in a positive direction because of the behaviors that other youths have shown before them. It is not easy being a youth during these times and many youths are not willing to keeping showing positive qualities if adults choose to focus on the negative qualities so it is easy to become a juvenile delinquen.t A youth needs a people in their lives that are positive and that can show them that it is more to life than hanging out on the street corned or starting fights for no reason. Once there is someone to show them what to do and guide a youth it becomes easier not to fall into being a juvenile delinquent and find other ways to be noticed. There are ways
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So many situations can be created to create a juvenile delinquent like one youth going for a car ride with another youth. A teenager getting in the car with his friend was told that the car was borrowed but, when they were pulled over by the police he knows that there is no truth to what he was told. Then it is up to the teenager to prove that he knew nothing about the car being stolen and it comes down to a he said she said situation. In that case in can go either way, the judge believes him and is let go or the judge does not believe him and he is sent to a juvenile facility. In case like that not all youths can recover from something like that because what is the point about telling the truth if no one is going to believe you in the first place

Cause of Being a Delinquent There are so many causes that effect a young child that can cause them to go in either direction of being a youth that stays out of trouble and one the is declared a juvenile delinquent. Sometimes it is easier for a youth to go in the wrong direction because of an abusive childhood, becoming closer to the wrong people or not being able to control your temper and hurt someone very seriously. When going up if you doesn’t have the right people in your life to show you how to behave properly or to guide you in the right direction, a youth doesn’t know how to act in situations that may occur. If a youth comes from a broken or abusive home it is hard for them to understand that

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