Juvenile Delinquency Theories Of Adult Delinquency Essay

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Juvenile Delinquency Theories There are many thoughts as to why juveniles become delinquent. Some believe that it is due to: violence/abuse, peer pressure, social media, poverty, children raising children, drug and alcohol abuse, choice, foster care system, poor education, medication, bullying, violent games, genetics, and government agency failure. While some of these theories have been accepted and proven, some have not. Why do some juveniles become delinquent while others do not and are obey the law? There are many theories to support juvenile delinquency. One explanation to explain juvenile delinquency is that of choice. People behave the way they do because of free will. The rational choice theory or choice theory, previously known as classical criminology, believes that the decision to break the law happens after the benefits and costs of criminal behavior have been considered. Delinquents are not made because of a bad environment or hard life, but because they choose crime because it looks appealing and not because they come from an ineffective family or home life. Many youth from well to do families choose to break the law. Juveniles look at the appealing side of crime to make their situation better, to have fun or to make money. These youth are not afraid of being caught or punished. To them the risks provide more pleasure than the risk of the pain of getting caught. Some enjoy stealing or beating someone up. They have to do what they want to get…

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