Juvenile Delinquency Survey Essay

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In order to extend the research done on the outlook of my topic, I will conduct a survey of students at JW Faulk Elementary School, Paul Breaux Middle School, and Northside High School. I chose the students at those different schools because I want to know if they are aware of juvenile delinquency in their communities. The information collected from the survey will include whether or not the person thinks, juvenile delinquency is a problem, what they believe is cause of juvenile delinquency, and what they believe think is the best solution.
Data and Data Collection
In this procedure, I will conduct interviews and hand out surveys. I will get permission from the school principals to interview teachers. I will also ask if I can give out surveys to the students. I will give out surveys to several teachers in the schools so they can pass them out. The survey will be anonymous and will include demographic information such as
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For this study, I will measure being neglected by parents by asking individuals a simple question about if they experienced neglect by their parents or guardians. This question will be open-ended. I will do the same thing for peer pressure. I will ask a nothing open-ended question regarding peer pressure. I will ask multiple question regard peer pressure. For example, I will ask a closed-ended question stating have you ever been pressured into doing things that you feel are out of your comfort zone. If the individual answer yes, they have to check off what they have been pressured into. The choices will range from smoking, taking drugs, drinking, stealing and breaking rules. I will also a blank for other. The other blank will give the individual the opportunity to write out what they have been pressured into. I will have an open-ended question asking the individual what your family’s socioeconomic status was growing

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