Juvenile Delinquency Is Measured Essay

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Juvenile delinquency refers to the violations of the law by minors. The criminal law views juveniles differently than adult crimes. Sometimes juveniles commit serious crimes are the exception to this. In this essay you will find out how much delinquency takes place in the United States and the different ways delinquency is measured. These different ways delinquency can be measured sometimes has a major impact on the conclusions that a perceived about the extent and trends in delinquency. Most of what you hear about delinquency is wrong and misguiding. How is Delinquency Measured? Many people wonder how crime is measured. Well law enforcement decided to keep track of all the crime that is committed to see how it fluctuates from year to year. “Efforts in the …show more content…
The second is “self-report” data. This data is collected by juveniles. Juveniles are asked about the offenses they have committed. The third one is “victimization” data. People being asked if they have been victims of all different kinds of crimes collect this data. In this essay will describe the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three ways crime is measured. The “official” statistics data is from “official agencies” responsible fro dealing with juvenile offenders. The most commonly used official statistics are arrest data from the police. This is because depending on the crime committed the police go to juvenile court or juvenile correctional agencies. "Each year the FBI collects data from the police and publishes these data in the volume called Crime in the United States: The Uniform Crime Reports. This volume is divided into several sections. The first section contains information on the number of crimes known to the police. As the name implies, these are crimes that the police know about, both crimes have been reported to the police and crimes that the police has discovered on their

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