Juvenile Delinquency Is A Very Big Problem Essay

2503 Words Oct 6th, 2014 11 Pages
Juvenile Delinquency is a very big problem today and I believe that not enough is being done to curb juvenile crime. There needs to be stronger penalties for crimes they are committing. There needs to be programs set in place to deal with Juvenile emotional problems before the kids resort to criminal activity. There needs to more activities within communities so the children don’t resort to criminal activity as a form of recreation. I think there needs to be some mentoring programs set up so difficult kids have good quality role models to look up to. Many times the kids have families who have drug issues or are also involved in criminal activity and they have no one to look up to. There needs to be after school programs set in place so that kids are not left with little supervision, juveniles are more likely to get into trouble when they have no one who is supervising them. Having job training programs set in place are effective ways to also help to curb juvenile delinquency. Job Corp is a training program when kids can go and learn a trade to be successful in a job field. Teaching parents good parenting skills is another way to prevent juvenile crime. Some programs such as head start focus on early intervention as a means of preventing juvenile crimes. I think in our country we give too many chances in the criminal justice system. Many times the people we see in the court systems are repeat offenders. They are given chance after chance to…

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