Essay on Juvenile Delinquency And The Juvenile Justice System

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In most states juvenile delinquency are criminal acts committed by minors’ ages 10 to 18 years old, the perpetrators are categorized as status offenders or delinquent offenders. Offenses committed by status offenders can only be committed because the offender is a minor, such as running away from home, truancy and underage drinking. (Mooney, pg 115) then there are delinquent offenders whose offenses would be a crime if they were committed by an adult. In the Juvenile Justice System it is in place to deal with youth who are caught and convicted of crimes, depending on the nature of the crime, youth are tried in a juvenile justice system or can be transferred to the adult justice system. According to the Campaign for Youth Justice, it is estimated 1.7 million youths are in the juvenile justice system with 100,000 cases being heard in juvenile court annually. Currently, it is estimated that 70% of the youths arrested are boys and 30% are girls, although African-Americans make up only 17% of the total youth population, they are 30% more likely than white youth to face harsher sentences and be transferred into the adult justice system. In regards to juvenile delinquency we should note the statistics that say once a youth enters the juvenile justice system to the point of incarceration their chances of recidivism increases and the adult justice system is inevitable. Contributing Factors of Juvenile Delinquency and Prevention and Intervention Programs Research tells us…

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