Juvenile Delinquency And Juvenile Justice System Essay

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Since the beginning, the juvenile justice system has advanced from witnessing children being sentenced in adult courts to a system that struggles to protect the welfare of juvenile delinquents, but to also be firm on the acts of crime to protect the public from harm. With the development of times reforms made to the juvenile justice system changed from the initial goal of changing the system to a less severe one to a system that has a unique resemblance to the adult criminal justice system.
The sources for change started with the opening of the House of Refuge in 1825. Before this time juvenile delinquents who were over the age of seven were sentenced as adults in the criminal justice system. Other states began to open reform schools to increase children’s education and moral standards. Then the first Juvenile Court in Cook County, Illinois was created and then forty eight states followed by 1925 establishing juvenile courts, (Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice, 2015).
Status offenders generally were housed with delinquents and given sentences that were more punitive than those that were given to delinquents. The juvenile court system had denied children procedural rights which were normally made available to adult offenders. Due process rights, jury trials, freedom from self-incrimination, and freedom from unreasonable search and seizure was not measured of importance in the juvenile court system because the main source was not punishment but rehabilitation. Though,…

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