Juvenile Delinquency And Juvenile Crime Essay

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Mark Wahlberg, Mike Tyson, and Curtis Jackson III, better known for his stage name 50 Cent, all share something in common. Not only are they all successful millionaires and famous among the public, they were also juvenile delinquents (Hsu 2011). A juvenile delinquent is someone under the age of eighteen who participates in criminal acts. Although crime in the United States is a pressing issue, crime has begun to decline during the last two decades. Juvenile crime is included in that statistic and has declined considerably over the last few years (Latessa and Smith 2015). Although both juvenile and adult crime is lessening, juvenile crime is still a rising concern. The juvenile population makes up nineteen percent of our population in the United States (Cottle, Lee, and Heilbrun 2001). Like adult crime, there are many strengths and flaws of the juvenile justice system. This paper will focus on the current issues juveniles experience, the pros and cons of the juvenile justice system, and will compare juvenile recidivism rates to adult. There are all kinds of issues within the juvenile justice system. Juveniles need more attention and care than an adult in the criminal justice system. Anatomy research has shown that the brain does not become fully mature until approximately the age of twenty-five, so the child offenders require more consideration. A problem most juveniles face in the juvenile criminal justice system is a lack of educational requirements (Morones…

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