Juvenile Curfew Laws Have Been Effect On Society Essay

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Juvenile curfew laws have been in effect for centuries. These laws restrict juveniles from being out in public past a certain time of the night. Although each community has a set of laws regarding juvenile curfew, most follow the same guidelines of keeping juveniles off the streets between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. Some exceptions to this law may include school or religious related activities that would require juveniles to be out past curfew. The curfew law is supported by many adults who believe it will reduce the crime rate involving juveniles, but it is often frowned upon by juveniles and parents. Law enforcement officials believe that these laws are necessary for decreasing the crime rate and to help prevent victimization against vulnerable juveniles. Three key components in maintaining the curfew law includes juvenile compliance, strong parental involvement, and strict law enforcement participation. All of which are equally important when it comes to enforcing curfew requirements for juveniles.
Statistics reveal that juveniles are more vulnerable to commit a crime or fall victim to a crime during nighttime hours. These crimes are committed mainly by juveniles who have not been held liable to accepting and obeying the laws. Juveniles feel that curfew laws deprive them of their freedom, not allowing them to establish independence from their parents. In today’s society of lawlessness children, it is important to uphold strict curfew laws that, not only…

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