Essay on Juvenile Court And The Adult Court

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decides whether to waive a juvenile court to the adult Court. The decision is based around the child 's age and his or her prior offense history and the seriousness of the offense. Before even being waived some jurisdictions require the children to be over a certain age typically around the age of 14. Some jurisdictions mandate that the child must be charged with a felony before being tried as an adult where others permit waiver of jurisdiction to the criminal court. In 31 States once a juvenile is tried in an adult Court she or he is no longer able for Juvenile Justice on any subsequent offense. Some of these waivers are said to do more harm than good by placing these juveniles in adult court and being placed into these adult facilities. These children may be targets for adult predators and about 7,500 young people are held in adult facilities throughout the United States on any given day. The risks they face include sexual assault, suicide, damage to communities and Public Safety. Many Juvenile Justice Experts oppose waiver because it contradicts with the rehabilitative ideal. If children can be tried in an adult Court then they can receive the death penalty. At least 366 juvenile offenders have been executed since 1642. However on March 8th 2005 they put an end to infliction of the death penalty on juveniles. Based on the youth the court extended the ban on mandatory life sentences for juveniles even if they have committed a murder. When it comes to adjudication there are…

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