Juvenile Boot Camps Research Paper

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In my paper i will be discussing the effects of boot camps on the juveniles that take residence inside of them. First, we must understand what a juvenile boot camp is and what qualifies a juvenile to be sent to them. Boot camp programs are short-term residential programs recognized for their familiarity with facilities often seen in the military . Participants are typically assigned to squads and housed in dorms that are closely related to those of military barracks. They are put through rigorous daily routines that aim to strengthen discipline, physical labor, exercise, and drill that is overseen by the respective boot camp staff who act as drill instructors and are often addressed by military titles. Most boot camps are correctional,
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the thought of having offenders treated and greeted with harsh consequences eased the minds of many people during the 1908’s. Not only did the justice system have boot camps, but schools also ran boot camps for those children who broke the school rules. since the late 1990’s the popularity of boot camps have become less entertainable because we have strengthened our juvenile justice system. there are many criticisms towards boot camps because it doesn 't aim to rehabilitate juveniles. In boot camps, everyday interactions met with physical labor as well as humiliation can cause other developed characteristics unintended for juveniles. being exposed to these types of aggressive environments isn 't allowing the juveniles the support needed to vent or express their ideas. Where these types of emotions are deemed weak and not accepted. These could inturn develop more anti-social behaviors and sometimes results in even more institutional populations. When juveniles receive dispositions involving more intensive overseer 's(generals, military personnel) the likelihood of developing new offenses or rule violations have increased which in turn increases the jail/prison population. These critics see boot camps not as an system that rehabilitates juveniles but only curves their attitude for the short term. Juvenile boot camps do not emphasize therapy. They do not deal with emotional issues that underlie many juvenile behavioral concerns. They emphasize discipline and authoritarian control, resembling jails more than therapeutic

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