Juvenile And Juvenile Justice System Essay

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The Difference Between The Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems

Over the last few decades there has been a debate that the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems are the similar. Many people believe “the Juvenile and Criminal Justice systems are the same, only the ages of the offenders differ” (Champions). However, there are some who believe the juvenile justice system frightens juvenile out of their unlawful behaviors. There are numerous similarities in the two systems, but there are also a number of differences between them. Two of the major differences in the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems are the objective of the system and the type of proceeding the systems use.
The first major difference between Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems is the intent of each system. The Juvenile Justice System is
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They are gathering information and data to determine if Juvenile Justice System is operating in the ways it was intend to help the juvenile delinquents. The founding father of the Juvenile Justice System predestined for the system to help steer juveniles from criminal behavior by treating them as growing individuals and not a criminal. They believed sending the juveniles to camps and making them do community service at school and churches would help the juveniles get on the right track. They did not want to expose the juvenile to more criminal activities and psychological damage by places them in institutions with adult criminal offenders. They wanted the juveniles to learn from their mistakes and have a chance to make better life choices that can lead to them being successful. I am a firm believer that the Juvenile Justice System works. One of my cousins recently came home from a juvenile camp and has prominently changed his ways. He finished school while there and came home and acquired two jobs within a week of being

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