Juvenile and Adult Courts Essays

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Juvenile and Adult Courts: A Comparative Analysis
Zanetta Eave, Tasha Harris, and Lee Blackmon
July 29, 2013
Cory Kelly

Introduction The “Juvenile and Adult Courts: A Comparative Analysis” paper will compare juvenile courts with adult courts. This paper will present an overview of the juvenile justice system, a point-by-point comparison between juvenile and adult courts. The adjudication process by which a juvenile is transferred to the adult court system. This paper will also discuss the implications of the following for youthful offenders: The trend of increasing the use of waivers, and the trend of remanding juveniles to adult court for processing. The last topic addressed in this paper will be the societal implications
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As is the case with prosecution witnesses, defense witnesses are subject to cross-examination by the prosecutor (Clallam County, 2012).
The implications of the following for youthful offenders

With the progression throughout society, there has various controversy within the youth offenders that have not been tried and punished to the same extent as the adults. A vast with population has American view to the public of juveniles and their crime to have a serious problem that would support various punishment for the violent crimes and the substantial portion that believe for less harsh type of treatment with the first time offenders. “The main challenge is that the traditional belief has come to minors who are committing heinous crimes and be held accountable” (Study Mode, 2011, pg36). The various speculations of why youth behavior is the way that it is; has some effects that will include that type of crime that they have intent to even commit a crime or the type of crime that they commit. The trend of increasing the use of waivers
There have numerous of states that have considered to modify the existing transfer and the waiver upon the legislation and their respective jurisdictions. Upon the up to date; most transfer and waiver if not all; laws have originally to enact during the era that has remain an unchanged. As well as District of Columbia, that has determines of how the juvenile offenders has handle respective types of jurisdictions (Study Mode, 2011,

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