Juuxtaposition Of Mrs. Gardner And Reverend Gardner

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Woman had to be seen as respectable in society while the males could do anything they wanted. This idea is present in the juxtaposition of Mrs. Warren and Reverend Samuel Gardner. At first glance, Reverend Gardner seems like a likeable character, but upon further inspection it becomes clear that he lives his life in denial. Reverend Gardner lives off the church as much as possible, does the least amount of charitable acts as possible, and is also a heavy drinker in secret. Reverend Gardner should be a respectable gentleman in society since he is seen as the pinnacle of high society and are what males look up to for guidance but instead he does not have the ability to be a clergyman, instead, being a pretentious person. His “religion” is a safety net that he hides behind to keep up his appearance of entitlement that the socially privileged receive while still participating in prostitution, and excessive drinking. Reverend Gardner also has the chance of being …show more content…
Praed’s technique is to use the belief of what he thinks all woman find interesting: beauty, culture and romance. He uses his false interest in arts to distract him from Vivie’s scandalous background and her unknown way of where her money comes from. Praed uses the fake mask of friendship and beauty to hide his desires for Vivie and Mrs. Warren. Although Praed appears to be the only male in the play that has no interest for the two female characters, he is the most deceptive by hiding his true interest in beauty and art. This exemplifies the idea that none of the males in the play actually had any interest in perusing the two females in the play for them as individuals but just for their

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