Justified Rebellion Research Paper

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Treason or Justified Rebellion?
Are we traitors to the crown or are we justified men defending our rights and future? In our recent past, many happenings have unfolded to make us question our place in the English hierarchy but now we know that if we want to live with the rights of free men we must rebel against the oppressive governance that currently holds power. It is as Samuel West said, “the same principles which oblige us to submit to government do equally oblige us to resist tyranny” (West 1776). Men, think about your family in what fashion of future do you wish for your loved ones that they live under a government that will not give thought to their wishes or well-being. Though we are told in the Scripture to give to the government what we owe (Matt. 22.21 KJV) it by the same Christian thought that we must stand for the good of others against tyranny we as children of God have a much higher authority to whom we must answer for how we handle the allotment which He has given each of us.
When the unjust laws were being made to oppress us, the administration knew that we would not mindlessly comply without a fight so they sent over fleets and armies to enforce them.
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