Justification Was A Moral Theology Essay

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Justification was a moral theology that Germans used to validate their actions, or lack thereof. After Hitler’s appointment to chancellor, an internal purge of political opposition destroyed any possible objection to Nazi policies. The Nazis began implementing the “Fuhrer-myth,” to spark the idolization of Adolf Hitler by citizens. This myth served as a justification for the Germans and their actions against racial minorities any verbal or physical assault was done in the honor of Hitler and the national community. Civilians supported the National Socialist’s idea of social and economic betterment. Furthermore, Hitler’s ability to restore Germany to her former, pre-Weimar status gained him widespread notoriety. On the eve of World War II, it was evident Hitler has restore Germany by reclaiming Austria, the Sudetenland and the Rhineland. Unlike the Weimar Republic, Hitler successful reclaimed the territories that had been lost as a result of the post-World War I’s Treaty of Versailles. It was obliterated by Hitler and the Nazis. The Fuhrer’s ability to follow through with his political and economic promises increased his power as a great leader. Germans were thrilled and became willing to implement Hitler’s policies, regardless of their moral conscience. However, Hitler would exploit their support and convert it into destruction. During the Second World War, Germans would become perpetrators, accomplices or bystanders. With propaganda portraying Hitler as a godlike…

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