Justification For Publication : Rationale For The Civil War Essay

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Justification for Publication
Rationale for Organization: The documents are grouped according to their perspective- economic, political, or moral cause of the Civil War. The first three Documents (A, B, C) all have economic motives behind them. Document A, Hammond’s speech, presents a pro-slavery perspective arguing that slavery used for cotton production is necessary for a thriving economy. Document B, Helper’s Impending Crisis of the South, follows Document A with an anti-slavery perspective, suggesting that slavery is what actually hinders the Southern economy from expanding and modernizing. Document A and B are placed one-after-the-other to highlight the contrasting economy perspectives, allowing students to see the divisions over the issue of slavery. These divisions, even when discussing what is best for the economy, are what started the Civil War. Document C, the agriculture and industry map, presents a more neutral position, and illustrates visually the sectionalism in economies, so it still fits under the economic grouping. Document C reaffirms Document B because it shows how the North is very industrial with many factories while the Southern economy is mainly agrarian, adding validity to Helper’s claim that maybe slavery is the cause for the less modern South. Document D, the Massachusetts resolution against the Mexican-American War serves as the bridge between groupings. Document D discusses the Mexican-American War and expansion as a threat to the balance between…

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