Justification For Public Health Intervention Essay

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In the field of public health, one of the most important ethical tenets is the explicit justification of intervention. Justification for public health intervention is often defined in three areas. The primary justificatory assumption of public health is that public health benefits all individuals of a society. The second is that werwerehw. The third is that wegrlweyrgweurg By setting specific guidelines for what constitutes justification, the encroachment on personal liberties is held in check. Likewise, justification allows for the delineation of specific goals so that groups are not differentially affected by an action. Ethically, this also effectually demands the fair distribution of burden and benefit. In this way, justification ties into the ethical ideal of justice. The justificatory assumptions in favor of public health do not readily introduce boundaries; it can be argued that every individual has the right to health care, and that the only justification required is the condition that quality of life is improved. However, requiring justification in public health endeavors allows researchers to critically examine the total impact that breaches of synthetic boundaries such as national borders and cultural norms will have on the subjects. Mill’s “harm principle” which asserts that liberty-inhibiting action is only permissible when it prevents harm to other individuals captures this idea. In this way, justification as a principle requires a consideration of…

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