Justice System Build Up The Supreme Court Of Canada Essay examples

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The Highest Court and Final Court of Appeal in Canadian justice system build up the Supreme Court of Canada. The Supreme Court offers permission to over 40 litigants of appeal decisions annually that are rendered by the federal, provincial, and territorial appellate courts. The court gives the ultimate expression of the decision and application of the Canadian law. Besides, the lower courts abide by these decisions. The Supreme Court was created by an act of parliament in 1875. There are cases, where a party might have its appeal, heard by the court of appeal automatically, but; in most cases, the court hears the appeal when a leave to appeal is granted. What is more, the appeals that court takes into the consideration include issues that are of public importance or of importance to the law. Over 500 applications for the leave are considered in a year.
Social conservatives have criticized the Canadian court for adopting laws that cross the boundary between interpreting the law and making the law. To add more, the critics cite that the role of the court system of Canada interprets and arbitrates the Canadian law. They add that the Supreme Court does not have the capacity to pass the legislation or make law. However, the court guides the executive on the correct law enforcement. This paper will focus on supporting the rulings and interpretation under the charter, which fully keeps the best aspects of Canada’s liberal democracy. Additionally, it will also examine the…

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