Justice Served Or Not Served Essay example

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Justice Served or Not Served Clink… was the sound of a can hitting the pavement when 15-year-old Phoebe Prince was walking from school to her home apartment. Phoebe, her mother, and four siblings moved to the US in autumn of 2009. She attended school at South Hadley High School when her life was turned upside down. Phoebe was bullied in school as well as social media, such as Facebook. The two groups of girls bullied her because she went out with two boys that they happened to know. For three months Phoebe was verbally abused and threatened with physical abuse and received harsh text messages. On January 14, 2010, Phoebe was walking home when all of a sudden… a car slowed down (NBC News.) Cyber crimes are committed everyday in several types of ways all around the world, but is justice given to those who deserve it. If given justice, is their punishment enough for their action? Society should be against cybercrimes and the punishment for these crimes should be held at a high standard because it/they can cause heartache in the way of suicide or prosecution, it can cause a family to suffer even financially if taken advantage of or in the way of getting someone sent away for being lazy. An example of a cyber crime that made its way world wide is the installation of a malware that is known by the name of Carbanak. This malware helped a group of cyber crooks steal as much as $1 billion from 100 banks across 30 different countries. They stole directly from banks and had plenty of…

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