Justice : Justice And Injustice Essay

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Justice versus injustice is one of the biggest conflicts in this world as justice lacks one true definition. Socrates goes out to find the meaning of justice, but what he finds is a conflict where the unjust man is not always the loser. The unjust man can be better than the just man and the argument that the fair man is superior does not always hold up against injustice. Justice benefits the mass while injustice aids the individual. Controlling people is easier with justice. It allows governments to take trust in the people to do what is morally correct so that they can focus on making laws and governing. Similarly, it is the same as a parent making sure their child is well-behaved when they are gone, that way they do not need to concern themselves with the child. In this sense, justice is almost an injustice, as people are conditioned to do the right thing since birth. People break laws every day, but the majority of people are self-righteous citizens that are the ones that break these same laws. Contemporary culture does a good job of shaping people that strive to be the perfect person. Society needs to have a certain body type and a certain kind of look to be viewed as beautiful and people aspire to be that person and trends like justice go along with these social trends through each generation. Justice is not much more than an inclination that society passes on to keep people in line as it is a way of defense. It is justice that prevents individuals from…

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